9 Thoughtful wedding gift ideas for bride and groom

wedding gift ideas for bride and groom

A wedding is the most special day in any one’s life, every moment of this day becomes the memory for a lifetime. To make it even more special people invite their close friends and family to be part of their happiness, and to double the joy of to-be couple it becomes our responsibility to do some extra efforts by putting a thought in giving them something which can stay in their heart for a very long time.

So for all those who are wondering what to buy for their loved ones on their wedding, here are some wedding gift ideas for bride and groom that can help you to bring more joy and happiness in the most special day of their lives:

Loving gift ideas for bride and groom

1. Arrange a Spa day for the couple

Spa Voucher

What else can be better than giving them something which they badly need but often ignores due to the ongoing traditional ceremonies and functions? Not only wedding brings happiness, but also bring hectic schedule and a lot of tiredness. To wear off this fatigue nothing can beat exquisite body spa.

Gifting a gift voucher worth couple spa is one of the most thoughtful ideas, and trust us both bride and groom are going to love you for this. Spa may get over in a day but the thought that you have put in this gift will leave a great impact on your friends. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Body Rituals Set

Another great idea to gift a couple to be is the body rituals set for the both. Such sets have everything that is required like shower gel, body mist, skin conditioners and many more like things. Everybody deserves to be pampered and gifting your friends, such thing is the way to give them a treat and chance to pamper themselves. Check and buy here from Amazon.

2. Buy them tickets for a trip

Make my trip digital voucher

If both bride and groom are really close to you and you really wish to give them something which they will cherish and will remember for years, then plan a trip for them. Book tickets to their favorite destination and surprise them by planning their honeymoon.

At times owing to a busy schedule or financial constraints, couples often cancel or postpone their plans to go for an outing. By giving them such trip digital voucher not only you will bring a smile on their face but also your thoughtfulness will make them love you even more. Check and buy here from Amazon.

3. Flowers for the wedding day

Flowers may sound traditional but still the best gift to express your love towards bride and groom. By giving a couple to be flowers you show your love, affection, and concern towards them. It conveys that you wish their relationship to blossom like flowers and you hope that their bond will spread the fragrance of love all around them. Check and buy here from fnp.

4. Couple gifts

It is one of the most pious days when two souls come in the alliance of matrimony, where two people start their journey together and that is why you must buy a couple gift rather than buying a gift for one person.

There are a lot of options like couple watches, couple suitcases, couple bathrobes, Designer mugs for couples, and many more. You can opt for any of them but the idea behind should be to greet both of them on their wedding and wishing them luck for the journey they have just started. if you are in relation with the bride only and want to choose a gift for her only then you can check gift for bride.

Couple watches


Bathrobe set


Mugs for couples

5. Help them to set their new aashiyaana

Once the rituals and ceremonies will be over, the couple is going to start the actual journey of life where they will be making their house a home. As their closed friends and family, you can always help them to build their home by gifting them some home appliance like cooker set or any other home appliances.

Dual Slow Cooker

Handheld Garment Steamer

Home Spa

Home Spa sounds great, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to pamper themselves, and such home spas can prove to be perfect aid for the same. Not only it gives ultra fine mist but also helps to provide moisture to the dry and chapped skin especially in winters. Also, it purifies the air and helps you breathe better especially when you are sleeping under an air conditioner.

It will bring freshness and purity in the life of the couple and this gift will truly tell them how much you care about them and their health. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Split Wall Hanging

Having a home is like a dream come true, and when two people come together even a single room becomes their world. Everyone loves to decorate their abode in their own way and to contribute a little bit in that you can always help them by gifting them something like a split wall hanging paintings that can actually add colors and charm not in their home but in their lives as well. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Love Birds wall Photo Frame

Once the wedding is over, they are going to have a lot of photographs which they will love to display. Why don’t you help them with that, gift them a unique yet stylish set of photo frames that they can display in their bedroom or living room, and every morning when they will look at those pictures it will remind them of nothing but you and your love. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Present your friends with the best tea gifts

If your friends (bride and groom) are tea lovers then tea related gifts are one of the best wedding gift ideas for groom and bride. you can check more gifts for tea lovers. Check and buy beautiful tea set on Amazon.

6. Furniture or Organisers

Knitted wool Stool

You could gift any furniture items to add five stars to their new home. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Multipurpose Shelves

Hexagon shape wall Shelf

7. Help them capture the beautiful memories

There will be lot many moments which they would want to freeze for a lifetime, and by giving them something like Fujifilm Instax Mini camera you can help them to turn those beautiful moments in the memories for a lifetime. Such gifts show how thoughtful you are in buying a gift for your friends and family on their beautiful day. Check and buy here from Amazon.

8. Kitchenware

The kitchen is the most important section and these days not only for brides but for grooms as well. Gift them something which can help them to make their life easier when it comes to working in a kitchen.

As mentioned earlier as well, the couple will be settling their abode and such contribution from their loved ones will leave a great impact on their lives. Every time they will use the kitchenware you gifted them, they are going to remember you.

Barista KitStorage containers

9. Personalized gifts

Personalized photo bedsheet

In this era of digitalization, everything is possible, and a photo of a couple printed on bedsheet is the true example of the same and proved to be the best wedding gift ideas for bride and groom. Personalized gifts like this leave a great impact on the couple, not only they adore it but such things become part of their household for a lifetime. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Personalized Caricature wall clock

You can always gift them customized wall clocks, every time they will check time, that moment will bring a smile on their face and add on to that it will become part of their home décor. Check and buy here from Amazon.

We hope that with these wedding gift ideas for bride and groom, you are going to give them something which will stay in their heart forever and they will remember you for a very long time for making their special day little more special.







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