5 Surprising Valentine gifts for husband

valentine gifts for husband

So this Valentines, its time for us to make some efforts in the form of valentine gifts for husband to make him feel special and worthy for all what he is. Valentines is the perfect time to tell your partner how much you love them and adore them. As a woman, we are torn between a lot of things, we keep juggling between our personal and professional lives.

And while managing everything, we forget to acknowledge one person who cares about us the most and makes every effort to bring that smile on our face. That one person who makes the extra effort every day to make sure that we lead a comfortable life is none other than our life partner, our husband. But while burdened with our own responsibilities, we fail to acknowledge what they have been doing for us all this while.

After a lot of brainstorming, we have come up with some amazing gifts that you can buy for your husband to make him feel loved.

1. Give a Personalized touch

Personalized Newspaper

In your life, he is no less than a superstar and he has all the rights to know about it. And to announce it what else can be better than a newspaper.

With bed tea, surprise him with the personalized newspaper captioning “World’s best husband”. This personalized is as original as the regular newspaper, and trust us the smile you will see on your husband’s face will give you immense joy and happiness. Check and buy here from Amazon.  Personalized Caricature

To see someone exactly like you in a caricature form is pure fun. To give him something like this is a way to say that you can never get enough of him. It is the perfect gift for happy go lucky persons, it is a true sign of admiration. Check and buy here from igp.

Personalized Dolls

Not only you can present him his own caricature but can also add the excitement by adding your doll or caricature in the present. After all, it is valentines and what fun is it if you both are not together in any form. Try to upload close up of the front face to get results as desired. Check and buy here from excitinglives.

Personalized office desk organizers

To give something like this is a way to respect your husband’s work and to show your support in everything he does. Not only this office desk organizer will keep him organized but also it will remind him of you every time he will look at this while working at the office, and the clock that will be imbibed in the same will remind him to get back to you as soon as possible. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Personalized Collage Letter Alphabet Photo Frame

You can go for a photo frame with his name’s first alphabet. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Personalized Slider Album

You could collect all the lovely pictures of him alone or together with you and make a slider album or you can check here and order from Amazon.

2. Cool gifts for cool husband

Harley for a day

There is hardly any man who doesn’t want to own Harley, but it is not easy for everyone to buy the same. But you can fulfill his dream by gifting him cool Harley for a day. Yes, you read it absolutely right you can always hire a Harley for a day and can make your husband’s valentines extra special. What else can be special than driving Harley with love of his life? Check and buy here from oyehappy. Decanter

Such stylish decanters are must have to keep in the bar, and undoubtedly they add charm and elegance to the bar. And we promise you that your husband will leave no chance to flaunt this extra special gift in front of his friends. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Whiskey wine chiller

If you have a husband who loves to booze and is the craze about collecting wines and liquor, then he is going to love you for this. Check and buy here from Amazon.


Men have a lot of choices when it comes to buying a gift for his wife, if not something else he can always buy a piece of jewelry to impress her but alas we wives do not have such options.

But wait even men wear jewelry and they will adore you if you will buy one for them. Stainless steel cufflinks will increase style quotient and everytime anyone will praise him for the same he is going to love you more. Check and buy here from Amazon.

3. Electronic gadget or accessories he’s been eyeing

Amazon Echo

Men love to command, and we wives generally don’t take it. So why not buy something that will listen to everything he wants it to do. Amazon Echo is the perfect gift to buy for your husband this valentine. It is the perfect partner when you are away, they can listen to music, and can have a lot of fun with this simple gadget. Check and buy here from Amazon.Smart Watches

Using this smartwatch, you could take care of his health and fitness in a far better way. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Wireless Charger

Not only your husband but you also need the same. Looking for the charger point everywhere you go is the common scenario. Why not gift something that will solve this problem forever. The wireless charger is a must-have gadget for everyone and buying something like this for your husband is a way to show your support and concern you have for them. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Tile-Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Is your husband one of those who keep forgetting keys and then blames you for the same. Buy this perfect Tile- Mate Bluetooth tracker and make sure that next time they don’t make any such excuse for coming late from the work. With this Bluetooth tracker, you can ring anything and everything. Attach it with his phone and help him to care little extra about the things around him. Check how tile network work and buy here from Amazon.

4. Romantic gifts as per the occasion

Floral Arrangement

Flowers are for every occasion and when it comes to showing your love, nothing else can be better than floral decoration in your bedroom. Make it a surprise for him and do the same in his absence, the moment he will enter the room he is going to love what you have done for him. Check and buy here from fnp. Gift wrap yourself

Now, this is little extra for you to do, but nothing can beat this one. Why don’t you gift yourself to him on this special day? Make some amazing floral arrangement for him, create a romantic ambiance and gift wrap yourself and your 1st valentine’s day gift for husband is ready. No other gift can make him feel so good as this one. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Lighten up your bedroom

If you feel that floral decoration has become outdated, then why not add some light to it. Lighten up your bedroom with special LED lights and clip your photographs with each displayed LED Lights. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Love Pillar Candle

This pillar candle will show your feelings and love for him. Check and buy here from Amazon.

5. DIY Gifts

Make cards showing the reason you love him

No matter how expensive a gift you will buy, but nothing can be compared to something that you will do yourself. Such a gift will have your true love and feelings. Check and buy here from Amazon.   

Love Cards

You can make love cards or you can make a special diary mentioning all the important things that you have done together. Make him nostalgic and make him fall for you all over again. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Explosion boxes

Last but not least, if your husband is sporting and is fun loving, then you can always make explosion boxes. Surprise him with flowers, glitters, hearts and everything you can do to make him feel loved in that super special explosion box. It is one of the most beautiful and creative valentine’s day gifts for husband. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Homemade heart-shaped cookies, cutlets or chappati

If you are good at baking you can make heart-shaped cookies for him otherwise cutlets or your simple chappati in heart shape could work for your loving husband.

It’s time to end up here. Try these above-given valentine gifts for husband and don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can check birthday gifts for husband.




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