Types of Candles you must know this festive season

types of candles

Without candles, could you think of any special event? Candles are a special and very important part of every decoration be it marriage, honeymoon, birthday or any festive occasion.

Lots of candles available in the market, and we know its hard for you to reach all. So this festive season, we came here to make you know about the type of candles.

Check different types of candles

1. Unscented Tea Light Candles

Smokeless, odorless, these candles would work great for any festive season and it is one of the simplest Types of Candles. Check and buy from Amazon.

2. Colored Wax Tealight Candles

These colored wax candle would make your every occasion, a colorful one be it festive, marriage or birthday. Check and buy from Amazon.

3. Flower Candles

Want to create an ambiance for your beautiful occasion? These flower candles would add beauty to every corner of your house. Check and buy from Amazon.

4. Battery Operated LED Candles

With realistic flickering effects, these candles are safe for your kids as well as for pets also. Check and buy from Amazon.

5. Dancing Candles

Now, no issue of fire or current, these battery operated candles with dancing flames give you realistic effects. Check and buy from Amazon.

6.Fragranced Candles

With the delightful appearance, these scented candles will linger fragrance in your room or hall for a longer period of time. Check and buy from Amazon.

7. Pencil Decorative candles

It’s time to decorate your house with these pencil shaped decorative candles. Check and buy from Amazon.

8. Floating Candles

These strong scented floating candles with wooden stand act as a beautiful centerpiece. Check and buy from Amazon.

9. Pillar Candle

Smokeless, Lavender scented pillar type of candles with beautiful flower decoration attracts everyone. Check and buy from Amazon.

10. Floral Design floating Candle

Have you ever made floating rangoli, these floating flower candle will extra charm to your rangoli decoration. Check and buy from Amazon.

11. Designer Candles

Various designer candles are coming in the market. These could be kept as a showpiece for home decor. Check and Buy from Amazon.

12. Gel Candles

Attractive gel candles have the ability to serve your every occasion. Check and Buy from Amazon.

13. Jar Candles

The unique specialty of these candles is that you can carry them anywhere and can use them for any occasion. Check and buy from Amazon.

14. Mercury finish Glass Holder

It’s time to add graceful elegance to your home. Check and buy from Amazon.

15. Love Candles

Best for a birthday, anniversary and especially for your Valentine day. Check and buy from Amazon.

Let us know which type of candles you love the most.


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