7 dazzling return rakhi gifts for brother


Looking to gift something special to your brother this Raksha Bandhan? Have a look at some return rakhi gifts for brother.

Raksha Bandhan is actually a Hindu festival in which a sister ties a thread called Rakhi on the wrist of her brother as a form of ritual protection. Here, the protection is offered by a sister to her brother and brother shower lots of love in the form of gifts and sweets over her.

Nowadays sisters are also started giving gifts to her brother in return. 

1Health and Fitness gifts

Health and Fitness Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for brothers will perfectly serve the real purpose of this occasion. Try some gift ideas given below. You can use these gifts ideas as such or something related to these gift items.

  • Fitness band: Fitness band is actually the best Rakhi you can tie on the hand of your brother. It will help him to track the health progress as it can track the number of steps one have taken or the number of calories one has burnt. This way you will not only pray for your brother health but will take care of him in a better way.                             Check more on Amazon. 

rakhi gifts for brother

  • Wrist and Knee support: if your brother is a gym lover or regular gym goer or doing any physical activity such as walking, jogging, cycling then wrist and knee support will really helpful for him to keep his muscles warm and increase blood circulation during any physical activity. Check more on Amazon.rakhi gifts for brother
  • Water Bottle and Shakers: These gift ideas for brother will work for the brother of any age. If he is a sports lover or gym goer, then he can use it to keep energy drinks, shakes, cold or hot water. It is the best useful rakhi gifts for brother. Check more on Amazon.

2. Tech-savvy brother gifts:

It is a general saying that boys are tech savvy. No doubt, nowadays girls and boys are equally strong technically. This Raksha Bandhan you can think of any electronic gift for your brother.

  • Amazon Echo: Your tech-savvy brother will definitely love to have this hands-free smart speaker. Based on cloud-based service, this speaker will really helpful for him whether he wants to seek any knowledge or control any smart devices at home. Using this, your music lover bro can listen to a song just a voice command away. Check more at Amazon.

  • Smart Watches: Smartwatches for your smart brother can be one of the best gift ideas for your brother this Raksha Bandhan. Technology enabled watches can help him to monitor the body activity and heartbeat rate. Check more details on Amazon.rakhi gifts for brother

3. Heartwarming gifts

Not having enough fund yet to gift him something special? Try these heartwarming gifts ideas, it will definitely warm the heart of your bro with lots of memories.

  • Cup of Joy: Cofee mugs filled with his favorites cookies and chocolates with cool tagline will make him feel special this Raksha Bandhan. Check more on Amazon.

  • Cushion Cover: Cushion Cover with heart-warming messages will definitely deliver a smile on your brother’s face. Check more on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

  • Framed Photo: Give him a gorgeous photo of you and him together which is beautifully framed or any comely framed loving quote for your brother. Every time he will see it, it will make his heart filled with thoughts of you. Check more frame on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

  • Homemade Treats: This Raksha Bandhan give him a special treat with his favorite dish. Cook something delicious, his favorite one. Same as an old saying,” A way to heart goes through the stomach”, this gift idea will make him delightful. It will be one of the delicious gifts one sister can give his brother. Check more treat pack on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

4. Stylish gifts

  • Apparels: Based on his size, taste, dressing sense and use, you can choose apparels for him. There are a variety of options available in this category such as formal, informal, party wear. It is actually the safest and the easiest gift one sister can choose for his brother. You can also go for a personalized t-shirt like any logo or any quote or the pic of your brother on a plain t-shirt. Check more on Amazon.
    rakhi gifts for brother
  •  Stylish wrist watch or wristband: Various men accessories are available in the market such as wrist watch, stylish wristband, sunglasses, wallet, belt, brooches etc. you can choose among these stylish accessories as one of the best rakhi gifts for brother. Check more wristband on Amazon.rakhi gifts for brother
  • Tie and cufflink: Tie and cufflinks such a nice and formal gift for a big brother. Whether your brother wears it in an office party, office meeting or any special occasion, it is the best thing that will add four stars to his personality. Check more details on Amazon.

 5. Entertainment Gift

  •  Super Mario Odyssey (For Nintendo Switch): Seeking for best 3D video games for your brother. Super Mario Odyssey can be your choice. Check more on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

  • Drum Set: Drum set for your junior brother, for sure enlighten his life with full of lights and music. This way you can make his interest in music. Check additional details on Amazon.

6.  Educational gifts

  • Books as Rakhi gifts: Books are the best knowledgeable gifts. This will be a win-win gift in both the situation as every time he will read the gifted books, it will increase his knowledge and awareness and make him remind of you. Thus it will strengthen the bond between you and your brother. Check the book of his taste on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

  • Screw Driver kits and Blocks games: If your toddler brother is curious to do new things, then screwdriver kit, Block games will prove to be the award-winning gifts for him. Check more on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

  • Puzzle games: Puzzle games are the perfect rakhi gifts for brother be your brother is a kid or teenager. You can choose among the various puzzle games available in the market according to the age of your brother. Check more on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

7. Keepsake gifts

  •  Game Accessories case: Is your brother love to play video games and have lots of video games? You can gift him an attractive game accessories case. This way you can help him to be a good organizer. Check more on Amazon.rakhi gifts for brother
  • Gym bag: Comfortable gym bag will prove to be the perfect companion of your brother whether he used to go for the daily workout or during his weekend getaway.                   Check more gym bags on Amazon.

rakhi gifts for brother

You can choose any of the gifts mentioned above or take some ideas to choose rakhi gifts for brother. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We are waiting.


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