Top picked Handmade gifts ideas for friends

handmade gift ideas

Choosing gifts for your friends can be a tricky business. Everyone gets confused juggling to find the perfect gift. So, here to your rescue, we present some top picked DIY gift ideas, handmade gifts ideas for friends.

DIY or Do it yourself gifts are quite in trend these days. Your friends will not merely be happy for receiving the gift but also they will be extremely delighted to see your personal efforts for them. Nevertheless, you will also get the opportunity to flaunt your creativity and talents, isn’t?

1. For Friend who loves ART

Is your friend is an avid art lover? How about painting a portrait for your friend?   What can be a better gift idea for those who are deeply in love with art? They will love your idea and will be extremely delighted with your efforts. So, gear up, get your color box, painting brush and get started with your masterpiece.

You will be the next Leonardo-D-Vinci of your group. Paint the canvas with your emotions and creativity and you will walk away with all the praises and limelight. Check here on Pinterest.

2. Keyboard Art for Book LoverWhat do you think about the idea of using the waste electronic gadget to make something creative out of them? A keyboard art book can be a great gift idea suggesting them to write out their feeling in your gifting world. Inspire your friend not merely to type but write their heart out with traditional way in your gifted Keyboard art book.

This gift shows the creativity of a beautiful heart and creative soul. The person who will receive such kind of gift will feel happy and joyful, especially a book lover. For a book lover, this gift can be really a unique one. You can also write your feelings for them. This way whenever they will read the book or write something, this gift will remind them about you. Check here on Pinterest.

3. Evergreen and easily made Greeting Cards

Cards are always the classic idea to tell somebody how much you adore them and how much you love their company. But isn’t cards too obvious? So, why to worry. Use your creativity and some basic extra pieces of stuff available at home and give your card the personalized touch.

A card is such a gift that you can gift to whomever you want, from friends to your parents, from cousins to your siblings and from colleagues to your boss. It also gives you freedom of adding and expressing your feelings and emotions to the gift. Even, today in 21st-century people love having such kind of gifts, the reason is very simple, it connects them emotionally. Check here on Pinterest.

4. Care Box for your lovely friend

Are you in a mood to pamper your friend? Your friends will love you for being so caring and loving towards them. You will be enthralled with this lovely idea of gifting care box to your lovely friends. It contains lots of stuff such as chocolates, cookies, cards and so on. You could add anything you want as per the likes of your friend.

If you want, you may put a letter inside the box. This is one of the amazing and unique ideas to gift your friends. They will get happy and emotional seeing such gifts. Care box is such kind of gift that you could even gift to your parents. Check here on Pinterest.

5. Best Thanksgiving Gift

There is always some creative and more heartfelt ways to say thanks. If you are searching such a way, you have encountered the perfect way because Thanksgiving gift is one of the splendid ways to thank the person you want!

Such type of gift has many ideas, if you are willing to have a healthy and long lasting relationship then you could gift some fancy and lucky plants with notes of Thanksgiving gift. Check here on Pinterest.

6. For Beer Lover

Beer lovers will love the idea of the beer bottle covered by chocolates. Isn’t it a unique idea? It is for sure that it will surprise the person completely. Use the used bottle of beer and yes you got them. Play a prank and get them to smile for you with sweet chocolates. This is also one of the unique ideas because generally, people do not expect such gifts. Check here on Pinterest.

7. Fairy nuts will hold your precious gift

How about using nuts to surprise your friends? Quite a healthy way to make them happy. Just simply put your gift inside the nut and pack them beautifully. It will leave them in awe and surprise. Check here on Pinterest.

8. Time to get more organized

Perfect match for an organized person!  If a person is well organized he/she will love this gift more than any other gifts. It will help them to be more organized with some creative touch. This will also show them your respect for their working attitude and they will definitely appreciate this idea of yours. Check here on Pinterest.

9. Hula Hoop wreath as engagement gifts

This seems among one of the rarely heard ideas, Hula Hoop. People hardly, think or expect, such creativity in the form of gifts. Gifting, Hula Hoop wreathe as an engagement gift to your friends, cousins or even to the future partner can bring them down the emotional lane. This Hula Hoop will definitely steal the heart of the person who you will gift it. Isn’t it a nice way of walking down the cherished memory lane? Check here on Pinterest.

10. Perfect for tea lovers (Water Color Art)

This unique handmade gift idea of Water colored cups is a very attracting gift for tea or coffee lovers. As they could enjoy their time completely in the company of taste and colors. And why don’t you two sit together cherish this nice idea of gift over a cup of coffee? Check its video on Pinterest.

11. B’coz Feeling Matters

Yes, it is as exciting as it is sounding!  It really offers an opportunity to reveal your feelings for the other person.  This DIY includes any types of gift in this category. As this gift lets you connect your feeling directly to the person. Show your witty skills of choosing the apt gift. Check here on Pinterest.

12. For Foodies

There is a bundle of creative homemade gifts for friends to gift but gifting food of their choice is one of the coolest ideas for a food lover. You could gift the favorite food of the person or you could gift chocolates or fruits. Food lover is going to embrace this gift with an open heart. Do some experiment, show your cooking skill and surprise them. What an idea sir ji! Check here on Pinterest.

13. A beautiful centerpiece in no time

Such kind of craft gift ideas are really wonderful and thoughtful items to gift, also it adds beauty to the home. You can experiment, browse and research to find some really nice DIY idea which will complement the house décor and everyone will be left wondering and cherishing your gift for a very long time, isn’t? Check here on Pinterest.

Handmade gift ideas are considered to be very thoughtful and exclusive as they have a very important personal touch. So, what are you waiting for? Getting set and start your DIY gift mission.


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