10 Extraordinary gifts for tea lovers they actually desire

gift for tea lover

Everyone relishes a simmering cup of tea with cookies. But there are some for whom tea is like nectar. They are in love with this beverage. If you have loved ones who consider tea as the essence of life, then here are some wonderful gifts for tea lovers that are perfectly suited for these tea crazy people.

Unique Gifts for tea lovers

1. Tea Sets

Elegant tea set: Need a gift for those stylish friends who love elegance. It will be the best one and you can check for more of this kind. You can check more detail on Amazon.

Tea set for IT people: Now IT means innovation. So an ideal gift for tea-loving IT friends is this unique keyboard shaped tea set. Just drink your tea and “ctrl+alt+del” all your worries. I recommend every IT people should have this tea set and you can check more detail on Amazon.

2. Tea Lover Gift hamper

A full hamper which has all the goodies that tea lovers will love are the perfect gifts for tea lovers.

Tea Gift Basket

Want to have this tea combo basket? check out here more detail.

Assorted tea bags for the crazy tea lovers: Avid tea lovers are willing to experiment with taste. They want to check out the different flavors in which tea is available. So naturally, a royal exotic wooden tea box which has selected varieties of premium Indian tea will be the best item for tea lovers. You can get price, reviews and more detail on Amazon.

3. Sipping in style

Twin Tea mugs for tea-loving couple: Twin ceramic mugs with lovely messages are one of the most suitable gifts for tea drinkers. Most recommend for the lovely couple and lover.check it out more detail here.

Astronaut helmet 3d mug for the sci-fi geek: The brainy geeks who love to explore the mysteries of the sky need to remain fresh with a cup of tea. If you have any such friends, then opt for this premium astronaut 3D helmet mug which looks funky as well as unique. Check more detail about 3d mug on Amazon.

Mug for the cookie lovers: You must have come across friends who love to have tea, but only when there are biscuits and cookies for company. Now here is an option for these people. The ceramic mug which has a pocket to hold cookies and biscuits is one of the most awesome gifts for tea lovers. Check it out more about this mug here.

4. Keep the priceless tea safe and Organised

Bamboo tea box: Your tea lover friends will obviously want to keep their priceless tea protected. It is one of the most appropriate gifts for the friend who like simplicity, a bamboo tea box with chests where they can safely keep their priceless collection of tea bags and tea sachets. Check it out this Bamboo tea box on amazon. 

All-in-one organizer

Do you have loved ones who want to keep everything right from tea to sugar and milk powder packets neatly placed in one place? Then opt for this trendy Compartment Condiment holder and organizer. You can check more detail of this product on Amazon.

Don’t want to reduce the tea to dust

Few tea lovers know the importance of keeping tea in air-tight containers. They know that if they do not store the tea in air-tight containers, then it will lose its flavor and color. The stylish airtight canisters are appropriate for those tea lovers. You can check this tea organizer set on Amazon.

5. Every contemporary tea lover must have

Automated Steaming cup of tea:

If you have friends who like to have their cup of hot tea ready in just a few minutes without any stress can opt for the all in one hot tea maker with variable steeping controls. You can check this steaming cup of tea on Amazon.

USB charger Mug warmer

Tea lovers love to have their tea hot. This USB charger mug warmer is an easy way to do this. Check USB charger mug warmer here.

6. Not as Adorable as you

Disney Teapot

One variety of tea lovers are the cute types who not only look cute but also love things that are adorable. For such people, a ceramic teapot with a cute face is a perfect gift. Know more detail about this Disney teapot on Amazon.

Stay up all night!

There is one category of tea lovers who can stay up all night with the help of a refreshing cup of tea. An owl-shaped tea mug would be the best for those tea lovers who are lifelike owls. Check out this owl tea mug at Amazon.

Owl Shaped Cookie Jar

Along with an owl shaped mug give your tea-loving owl like friends a rustic 3D owl cookie jar. Nice jar to store munchies that they can munch at night. You can check this cookie jar here.

Teapot and cup combo for the single owl

For the single tea loving friend who stays up at night with a nice book for company, this teapot which sits tight on a large mug will be the best option. So your friend can just place the combo on the desk and pour the tea at leisure as and when he wants.

7. Make the tea time an elegant affair

Unique teapot with flowering tea:

This Primula Glass teapot with infuser is one of the most elegant and unique gifts for tea lovers who like class and elegance along with uniqueness. Just drop a tea ball and some hot water and see the ball metamorphose into an amazing flower. Check out more detail about this unique teapot.

Cast Iron Teapot for the traditional ones

Tea lovers who like classy traditional stuff will drool over these cast iron teapots which look amazingly fashionable and tasteful. You can get more info about this traditional pot on Amazon.

Tea tasting assortment

For the style icons, you can also opt for loose leaf tea infuser. Tea lovers who want to enjoy an elegant cup of tea can do so with this unique gift. Know more about infuser here.

8. Chic up your tea time while traveling

 Detox water bottle with Infuser

Tea lovers love having lots of homemade tea when they are traveling. This is very much possible with these infuser bottles which has 2 in 1 unit. Most recommend for the green tea lover, check on Amazon for more information.

Self-Stirring Mug

When tea lovers are traveling for a vacation they are too lazy to even stir their tea. This self-stirring mug will do all your hard work of stirring your beverage. Check out more detail, price, and availability here. Collapsible teacups

A set of collapsible teacups is best suited for those who travel frequently. Just dump these cups in your travel handbag. Have your favorite cuppa in style just about anywhere. You can combine it with a portable teapot. Check these teacups on Amazon.

9. Keep it warm

Teapot Cover

There are some tea lovers who want to sip their tea for long hours. If you can gift them something that will keep the tea warm for a long time then nothing like it. check detail on Amazon 

10. Partners in taste:

Primula Double Wall Glass Mug and Tea Bag Buddy

Some tea lovers will like ensembles where the tea buddies can be together. A Primula Double Wall Glass Mug and Tea Bag Buddy are the best suited for such people. Check this interesting item on Amazon.

Cute tools for holding the tea bags:

Your tea loving friend is too lazy to hold the teabag himself? Then gift him these snail-shaped tea bag holders. Check out more detail about this cute tool on Amazon.



Personalised reminders for tea lovers:

Keep it clean:

Gift the elegant super absorbent tea towel napkin to your tea loving friends who do not like to keep their tea tables messy.

Super Quotes for super tea lovers:

Tea lovers will surely like quotes that remind them about tea. Gift them cushions and cushions covers which have these personalized messages. Do you also like this quote and want to give as a gift? check out cost and more detail here. Stick them all around:

One of the best gifts for tea drinkers is a set of stickers with crazy tea pictures and quotes which they can stick on their kitchen cabinets and almost everywhere. Check this stick on amazon.

So here are a few unique, few crazy and few elegant gifts for tea lovers. If you have any gift ideas for the tea fanatics, please come in the comment box.


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