7 unique birthday gifts for 1 year old boy

gift for 1 year old boy

Want to make your one-year-old child or loved ones’ playtime a fun time? Are you in search of some unique, engaging as well as a learning toy as a gift for 1 year old boy? Here is a list of our top picks so that your child can explore the new challenges, new life waiting for him.

Best gift for 1 year old boy

1. Let them explore their world 


These push or paddle tricycles are one of the best toys for 1 year old honey bunny as this kind of tricycle works great in the transition period of 1-year-old to 3 years old. Whenever the child is not able to reach the paddle, parents could help him using the push handle.

He will definitely enjoy his independence in moving on wheels ride. Check more details on Amazon.

Baby Walker:

Want to make your child’s journey from crawling to walking more excited, more fun? Actually, one year is the age at which a child is not able to walk properly or some children don’t even dare to walk. This baby walker will provide him with the courage and support to walk and inspire to walk. Check more baby walker on Amazon.

Kids shopping cart:

This kids shopping cart would be definitely loved by those children who love to push the shopping cart and love to enjoy sitting in it. Check this beautiful cart on Amazon.

Rocker and Ride:

I think everybody had enjoyed this classic toy in their childhood. Nowadays it is coming in the combination of rocking and riding with charming music that will keep your children engaged and entertained.

It will also help to enhance the balancing skills of your one-year-old. Check this old and gold rocker on Amazon.

Toddler Swing:

I think no such child was born till now who don’t enjoy swings. Actually, it is full of fun, body and mind exercises. It is one of the best toys for 1-year-old boys which they could use or they want to use for a long period of time. Check this beautiful swing on Amazon.


  •  Remote control battery Operated Car:

    Boys generally love to ride a car. Most of the fathers before going to office or shop have to provide a car ride to their children. What if children have their own car, they will feel out of the world. You can take it as the first gift for 1 year old boy. Check this kind of beautiful car on Amazon.

2. Provide him a Soft and cuddly touch

  • Soft plush Cement Mixer Truck:

    Generally, soft toys are kept in the category of gift choices for girls. What will you say when you will check this softy, cozy and cuddly cement mixer? I think you will definitely want to have this for your one-year-old boy.

       Check this soft cement mixer on Amazon.

  • Cloth book:

    Want to have books for your one-year oldie but have fear of tearing out by him? Now here is the best solution available in the form of a cloth book. Your cutie pie will love this cozy and cuddly way of learning. Check more cloth books on Amazon.

  •  Cuddly Talking Hamster: 

    More they will listen to the echo of their voice, more they will enjoy. It is one of the perfect cozy, soft and cuddly toys for 1 year old boys. It will definitely help him to learn to talk and also it will make your child giggle and enjoy. 

  Check this cute and cuddly hamster on Amazon.

  •  Handy Plush Toolbox:

    Children love to see and use these sharp tools whenever any adult use them. So now you can gift them this new set of their kind made up of plush and plastic. Check this soft toolbox on Amazon.

  •  Soft Plush Magnets:

    Kids love to play with magnets especially when magnets are in form of too cute and too soft plush toys. 

        Check your favorite four on Amazon.

3. Keep your child engaged and make him learn(Educational toys)

  • Musical book:

    It is the perfect first book for the 1-year-old boy. Activities such as flipping the pages of the musical book and pushing the given buttons will definitely encourage its skill-building exercises and eye-hand coordination. Whether he is traveling or sitting home, he will have great fun with this musical book. Check more details on Amazon.

  • Fruit and veggie canvas tote:

We all agree that using picturization, it becomes easy for us to make our child understand better. Using this your one year munchkin can have fun and side by side could learn about color, the name of the vegetable, fruits and more.

          Experience: My one-year-old child used to pick chilly and offer me to eat and whenever I act to eat he start the sound sh..sh…(Mirchi sound). Lol. Check Amazon for more details 

  •  Learning Tablet computer:

    It will make the learning fun for your one-year-old smarty. Your child will definitely fall in love with the various sounds comes with it. I think it is the best birthday gift for 1 year old boy as it can enhance your child’s learning skills in a musical way and it is the best toy to keep him engaged for more time. Learn more about this Kids Tablet on Amazon.

          Experience: My one-year-old is happy to have his phone. 

  • Learning House or Educational Activity Toy

Full of fun, full of activities such as musical skills, shapes discrimination, counting, door opening, this educational activity toy is the best gift for 1 year old boy. It will keep your little tot engaged for a long period of time and side by side work for his overall development.Check this beautiful house on Amazon.

  Make bathing fun for him (Bathing toys):

Always be with them in the bathroom. Bathing toys are actually unique birthday gifts for 1 year old boy.

  • Bath time fun toy:

These small toys are easy to hold by your one-year oldie. Squeezing, catching will be great fun for your child and side by side it will enhance his hand-eye coordination and his motor skills. Check more details on Amazon.

  • Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Whale:

    This soft and beautiful spout cover will be loved by your one-year-old kid as it is so eyeing catchy and side by side it will protect him during bathing. Check this cuddly whale on Amazon.

  • Bathtub:

    It is basically the replica of the real pool. Children are usually fond of fun with water. I think nothing is better than this miniature swimming pool. Believe me, it will bring unlimited fun for your toddlers and kids. Check it on Amazon.

  • Swimming seat:

    Your adorable, lovely kid will definitely love its car shape designing with the steering wheel. It will provide more safety more comfort to him while swimming in the pool. Check this swimming seat on Amazon.

  • Floating Activity Center: 

Your one-year-old loving will love this floating activity center. Check more details on Amazon.

Lights and Music Toys

  • Dancing Robot with 3D lights and music:

    Small children generally attract towards sounds and if lights are coming it is same as sone pe suhaaga. It is one of the best engaging toys.

         Experience: My one-year-old nephew go wherever his new light and music toy goes and tries to catch it, sometimes start dancing on the music. It is actually full of fun for him. Check this dancing Robot on Amazon.

  • Flash Musical Drum:

Whenever we have no such fancy items in our childhood, we generally pat spoon on the floor or the table and feel happy by the musical sound. Nowadays musical drum is coming in the market for your lovy dovy that will keep him entertained, engaged and side by side it will improve his musical skills, coordination skills and will develop his audio stimulation and visual stimulation. 

        Check more details on Amazon.

  • Musical Ball:

    A ball is, I think, the first thing, boys love to play with and what if you find the musical ball for him with lots of activities which make it more than just a ball.

    Its auto-rotation mode will encourage the child to walk, run and play and thus will help to develop agile movements of his hands and feet. Check its more details on Amazon.

 Other Entertaining Toys

  • Pull-along Toy:

    Pull-along toys are such classic toys that bring unlimited joy for children as well as teach well about the cause and effects of every action. Check here on Amazon.

Must-Have Essentials

  • Cuddles and strollers accessories:

    Ever feel that your child in the stroller may feel hot? Though the canopy is there to protect him against sun rays and rain but what about the sweating? Here the baby fan for your dear one. Check this cute and small fan on Amazon.

  • Foldable Safety guard for kids

It is the essential safety guard for 1-year-old as he starts sleeping in bed at this age leaving crib behind. It will ensure that your child will not fall out of the bed. Check this safety guard on Amazon.

  • Safety Seatbelt:

    Gift this harness belt to your 1-year-old loved ones to ensure their security and safety on two-wheelers. Check it on Amazon.


We hope you loved our ideas regarding the gift for 1 year old boy. As we all know the market is full of lovely, soft, educational, musical, full of fun toys for your adorable little tot, we have covered by dividing them into categories so that it can ease you choose among them. We always welcome your ideas, your suggestion.


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