Gift Wrapping for Christmas like a designer

gift wrapping
gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is like an art and can be described as one of the ways to wrap your sweetness for your loved ones.

The presentation is quite essential these days. People see the wrapping first and then recognized the gifts worthy for favoring to the giver. Although whether the gift is small or big has its recognition if the packaging is creative then it gives an extraordinary impression to the recipients.

Christmas is one such festival which is enjoyed at every corner of the world with equal ease and pleasure, let’s know how can you make your celebration even more beautiful and memorable with your loved ones.

Today we will check out various gifts for Christmas that are wrapped like a designer and let’s see some of the exquisite features of the gifts below:

Fun with an Animal Shape

Everyone loves structures, and especially if it is for your younger child, then happiness doesn’t have any leaps and bounds. Yes, our first gift wrapping technique is like wrapping the gifts in a way that the same looks like a small animal structure. To make your wrapping Christmas special, you can try this reindeer wrapping style. Check the tutorial here on  ThinkMakeShareBlog.

Using Pom Pom

Whether you have a little one or an oldie the snow is loved by everyone. Celebrating Christmas with the snow around your house is a dream come true for everyone.

Try to recreate the time you’ve spent in places and remembering will help you in wrapping the gift for your favorite little one with the snow all around and a penguin at the top.

Check its tutorial on SpongeKids.

Using Button 

Have you ever thought that creativity could make even a wooden box beautiful? Just the simple use of button over a disposable plate can help you in making a face, and some cloth can be used or pasted for the hat and the bow at the last to complete the look. In 5-10 minutes you are ready with the fantastic idea and just a bit of effort can change anything now and then. Check for the tutorial on PrettyHandyGirl.

Using Napkin (Mini Pouches)

Mini pouches are one of the cutest gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. The best part of these pouches are apart from looking beautiful they can be saved for future too. For Christmas, you can make them for your loved ones also and gift them having small candies or accessories inside. As you are designing them for Christmas, try making them from the respective theme. Check its tutorial on PrettyHandyGirl.

Using Yarn

From years yarn is used by people to make clothes for the winter season, but do you know you can use thread to create different structures on your gifts. This is one of the innovative styles of wrapping the gifts and the easiest one-two. Buy out a yarn of different colors as it is for Christmas you can bring red and white yarn and paste them in different forms on your gifts and here you are with the natural and beautiful techniques for wrapping gifts.

Check more on Shady Acre.

Using ribbon

No craft can be successful without the proper usage of ribbons. Red and white ribbons of Santa Claus are available in the market quite easily shop for them to save your time and energy. As once you get them, you need to wrap them around the gift and here you have theme gifts in your hands for the Christmas. Check more ideas on thehairbowcompany.

Using Cardstock

Using cardstock to decorate your gifts is one of the innovative ways to make your present special. Try creating Santa with different cardstocks as a wrapping technique and create the best gift for you this Christmas. Children can have fun while making different shapes of Santa with cardstocks with the help of bow. Try this excellent technique of gift wrapping to make your gifts perfect for Christmas. Check its tutorial on craftinowl.

Care Box Packaging ideas

I think its the best way to show your love and care this Christmas. Check here on Pinterest.

Decorate Candybars

Small efforts create wonders. Candies are a perfect gift for the Christmas and making them unique with different wrapping techniques is all that you need. Try out different colored wrapping papers for designing beautiful structures on the boxes. The recipients will surely recognize your effort as it is not easy to design every candy box.

Check this on karenstamps.

Coca-Cola gifts for Christmas

Coke is one such interest that is shared all over the globe. Making it creative can look tough for you, but this technique will create an innovative and customized coke especially for you. Sew a cap for the coke on the top like Santa and fixing eyes on the body of coke looks like a great one in Christmas winters. Try out different colors with your coke and drink through your perfect coke this winters. Check more coca cola ideas on Fun-Squared.

Chocolaty Christmas Tree

Making and gifting trees of chocolates and candies are a perfect choice for any Christmas. Trying the same can help you in making multiple variants of the same depending as per your creativity. These small trees look ideal in-house and for gifting purpose. Instead of gifting candies or chocolates in a wrap try decorating them like a tree with a bow at the bottom and star at the top looks like a chocolate tree. Check more.

Candy sleighs for Christmas

Children or old age people everybody loves to eat candies in festival seasons. Candies packaged in a sleigh kind of setup can be a lucrative option for your children and elders around. The set up looks like a Santa like penguins in front is pulling sleigh on ice. Try it out and make a perfect gift set this Christmas for your dear ones. Check more ideas of candy sleighs on Boise Halloween.

Christmas Bags

Homemade wines are a perfect gift for Christmas, as people love to drink it on Christmas Eve with their family and friends. Surprising them with these fantastic gift bag made up in Christmas theme will help them in connect with the festival and can carry your wine bottles in place as well. This Christmas season makes it best by making customized gift bags for your wine bottles. Check it on Bash Corner.

Using gift wrapping paper

Packaging your gift as a cartoon character is a good choice for this festive season. As they are not only enjoyed by everyone but shows your creativity to handle big gifts also. Take your time out for the wrapping ideas to beautify your presents and create  This gift wrapping idea not only make your present stand out but will keep your gift safe to be carried to the venue safely.

Using Money Bags

Christmas is incomplete without the excellent vine. Carry them safely to the party so that everyone can taste your preparations. This Christmas bring Santa home by packaging your near and dear ones presents in Santa bags. These bags in the shape of money bags makes them a perfect choice for Christmas.

Using Washi tape

Everyone loves the usage of ribbons for bow making. The way they are used can make your present perfect for every occasion. Their easy availability and vibrant colors are an ideal choice for everyone, for small and big gifts. Washi tape is feasible to use even by your small ones in preparing gifts for their friends, or their return presents too.

Check its tutorial here on Craftaholics Anonymous.

Using soft felt

Just the simple trick by using soft felt, you can create a craft holder for your kids. It could be used as the return gifts for kids. Check here at squiddo.Every wrapping technique listed above is a way to show that you care, about your loved ones and no matter what may happen you going to stay strong as a backbone of their life. These wrapping styles are quite easy to use and have the capacity to create beautiful gifts too.

Once you start making them, you will surely make some as your favorites while others were not your cup of tea. Do remember reaching the destination is not that much important as making an effort to achieve your goal. So, try them, and we are quite sure that you can able to make a difference to your life on upcoming Christmas. We wish you all the best.

Try these designer wrapping techniques and spread smiles all over this Christmas.


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