10 cute teacher appreciation ideas and homemade gifts

gift for teacher from student

As a child, we consider school as our second home, and teachers as our second parents. Our parents give us life but our teachers make us learn how to live this life. But often we forget to acknowledge the efforts put in by our teachers in making our life successful and worth living. Their efforts and services to the society are usually unnoticed, but the contribution they are making to build the future of any country or nation is just invaluable.

So this Thanksgiving gift or on teacher days choose best gift for teacher from students side, make them feel valued and important by giving them something which they can cherish throughout their lives.

Best gift for teacher from student

1. Thanksgiving gift to the teacher

Spa Basket

Being a teacher is not an easy job. To make someone learn about the ways of the world it requires a lot of effort and patience. In these efforts, our teachers, often forget to take care of themselves. They find it really difficult to take out time to visit spas or parlors.

So this Thanksgiving, why not pamper them a little by giving them a Spa basket. Such a gift will help them to know how much you care about them and how important they are for you. Every time they will use those products or they will visit the spa they will surely remember this effort that you made to make them feel special and valued. Check more basket and buy here from Amazon. 

Love story of any student always start with their teacher then move to colleague. so Spa basket will be best gift for teacher from student and mainly lady teacher who like to keep themselves beautiful. Thanks for helping me grow

You could give them a plant having good medicinal properties or have a good appearance or any good luck plant with your handwritten message over it. Check more plants and buy here from Amazon.

For environment subject teacher this will be best gift for from student.

Or you could prepare a customized plant if you are good at art and craft.

Email gift card

You could email them a gift card of a particular value by which they could buy a materialistic gift of their own choice. Check and buy here from Amazon.

2. Gift them favorite dish as a treat

Hamper of sweets (You are so sweet)

You can also give them hamper pack of sweets. It is the best way to tell them that their presence in your life has made your life sweet and special. These assorted flavored sweets are hand packed and make a perfect gift for your loved and special ones. Check more hamper and buy here from Amazon.

3Buy something for class

For a teacher, the best gift is something that can fulfill the requirement of the whole class.

Adjustable hanging table desk

Teachers often have a lot of stuff to manage and organize. Buying an adjustable hanging table desk for them is the best and the most thoughtful gift a student can buy for their teachers. Not only it helps them to organize things in a better way, but also they can keep it as a remembrance for a lifetime. Check more items and buy here from Amazon.

Reward Stamps 

Buying something like emoji’s, motivation stamps, pencil tops for the entire class can make your teacher really happy as it is a way to express your gratitude towards her. Check more items and buy here from Amazon.

4. Bags 

As we told you teachers love to carry a lot of things with them, and if you are planning to gift them something which they can actually use, buy a bag for them.

There is a wide range of bags that you can buy for a teacher, but while buying make sure that it has a lot of pockets to keep things in a better and organized way. Check more bags from igp.

Sling bags

Instead of usual bags, you can always buy sling bags for them, which are handy, useful and trendy enough to give them a modern and ethnic look. Check and buy here from igp.

Tote Bag

You can always look for bags with some wordings related to their profession and character. Check more and buy from Amazon.

5. Make it fun

Gifts can be funny as well, but something that can bring the smile on the face of your teacher every time they see it.

Frame out a funny snap of teacher with the class

Try framing out some funny picture of your teacher with the entire class. Not only she will love this gift but it will always remember her of you.

Ceramic Mug

You can also buy a special mug with some funny wordings for your teacher, but make sure that wordings are funny and not offending. Check more and buy here from Amazon.

6. Heartfelt words

Another gift that you can buy for your teacher is some personalized gift like pen stand, watch or calendar with good and motivational wordings. These wordings will keep them motivated and will make them happy knowing what you feel and think about the efforts that they have made in your life. Check more gifts of this type and buy from Amazon.

Wall clockWooden Pen Stand

Ceramic Mug

Personalized pen drive

In this age of digitalization, most of the teachers prepare their lesson plans and other teaching material on systems itself. Gift them a pen drive with large storage capacity that can help them to keep their study material handy. These credit card enabled pen drives are easy to carry and are handy enough, you can always personalize these pen drives by adding their name or some message on the card. Check more and buy here from Amazon.

7. Small but Rememberable

Cozy hand warmers

This may be a small gift, but the warmth and touch are enough to make it the most loved gift by your teacher. In winters it will give them that cozy feeling that they will tell even others that you have gifted them such thoughtful piece of gift. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Personalized T-Shirts

Another option is to gift your teacher personalized t-shirts. Such customized gift will be the mother of all gifts, and every time your teacher will wear this shirt, it will remind them of you and your love towards them. Check and buy here from Amazon.

8. A Pack of their Favorite things

It’s time to explore more about your teacher. Just find out all the things they like, they do in their daily routine, their favorite clothing brand, favorite dish, their skincare product, and etc . etc. and just prepare a hamper of all the small things to gift them.

Yeah, it requires some effort as you have to do all secretly.

9. Small Gestures

Place your wish on a bulletin board

If you don’t want to go for materialistic things, then make them feel special by posting a specialized thanksgiving wish on the bulletin board of your school. Such wishes and thank you notes may sound small but the way these wishes express your love towards them is everything any teacher can ask for. You could place it on the existing bulletin board or buy here and gift them. 

Stone Art

Neither it is going to break nor it is going to fade. Moreover you yourself can do some beautiful artwork on stones to gift as the token of thanks to your teachers. This beautiful artwork will make them feel important and they will appreciate the hard work you have done to bring a smile on their face.

Thank you Note

As a last moment effort, you could all do,  just write a “Thank you Note” on blackboard or whiteboard, whatever your teacher is using to teach.

Thank you note is always a best gift for teacher from student and there is no special days required for this..you can even give when you get good marks in exam.

10. Personalized Gifts

Personalized wooden frames

Getting their photos printed on wooden frames with their name is another masterpiece that you can gift to your teacher. Looking at themselves carved in a beautiful wooden frame will bring a lot of happiness and smile on their face. This high quality engraved picture and name is not going to fade away too soon and that is why your teacher can cherish this gift forever. Check more and buy here from Amazon.

Personalized Caricature

The way engraved photos will bring the smile on your teacher’s face, caricature will make that smile even bigger. Caricatures are miniatures of the person, and looking yourself in mini version is surely the happiest moment. Moreover, looking at the Caricature will remind them of you. Check more information and buy from igp.

Teachers give us their valuable time and put in a lot of efforts to make us stand on our feet. Such little gift for teachers from students is the way to appreciate them and tell them how much we adore them. Every year and every day we do something for our loved ones, but on this Thanksgiving do something special for those people who are one of the strong pillars of your life.


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