10 fantastic farewell gift ideas to show love to colleagues

farewell gift ideas

Farewell gift ideas is one of the hot topic in office for the day when colleague in notice period or leaving office soon.  Bonding with colleagues is special. You spend a major part of your day with these people. The seniors in the company held a special place in your heart. After all, they are the ones who taught you so many things. So when it is time to part with these people you have to opt for some of the best farewell gift ideas.

1. Make them feel more special this time

Personalized Caricature

The farewell gift that you give to your seniors has to be unique and must bring a smile to their face. How about a personalized caricature? These days you can have it done from scratch and there are companies which will give you customized caricatures. Check giveacaricature for more details.

Personalized Newspaper

All of us like being famous! We love to see our names on the newspaper cover. These days you have the option of the personalized newspaper. You can opt for this type of newspaper as a parting gift for your colleague. Check here for your personalized version of Newspaper.2. Keep it simple

If you want to keep it simple but at the same time exclusive then there corporate gifts cards is a good option. This is a simple and useful farewell gift for colleagues. There are plenty of online and physical gifting options in this category.

Check more details of this gift card on Amazon.

3. Keep them motivated

They need your wishes and they need to feel that a better life awaits for them. For this, you can gift them stuff which will keep them motivated. You can give them a lightbox with changeable letter symbols which has a special message for your colleague. This will be one of the best farewell gifts for friends and colleagues. Check this lightbox on Amazon.

4. Give that “arty” feel

If your colleague has a fascination for art then the best gifting option will be collectibles like fine art prints from popular artists. Check out more artwork on Amazon.

5.Gift them the special tagline

Personalized Apron

Let them know how you feel for your colleagues. If your colleague brought the best lunch then gift an apron with the tagline “you are the best chef”. It is personalized, wordings could be changed according to your feelings, what you want to say. It will be best farewell gifts for seniors.

Check more details of Personalized Apron on Amazon. 

 Personalized Beer Mugs

It’s the time to express your feelings, your regards in a single sentence. If he was the best boss then print it on a coffee mug. Check it on Amazon.

Printed Cushions

You can work out different permutations and combinations. Like a tagline on cushions etc. It is the perfect gift to pamper your colleague. Tell them what you feel for them. Check more on Amazon.

6. It’s time for some relaxation

Books for their free time

If your senior is retiring then he will have plenty of time to read books. Though reading tastes differ; you may still select the books based on the genre like literature and fiction, thriller, biographies etc. Check more books on Amazon.

Options for music lovers

If your senior or colleague loves music then you can select music CDs or music cards depending on the genre of music that your colleague or senior likes. It would work the best as the farewell gifts for seniors. It has a passion for classical music then you can select Indian classical music or maybe even Rabindra sangeet etc. Check music of your kind on Amazon.

7. Help them get more organized

Personal organizers and planners can be a very handy gift for a colleague. He can keep a track of all his appointments and meetings with this gift. It will also help him remain more organized. 

Planners with a nice message:    Check it on Amazon.

Personalized Docking station  

If your colleague had the habit of misplacing accessories; you may gift him a wooden dock station. This could be a handy place to store a smartphone, pens, notebook, pencils, keys, watches, sunglasses and wallets. Check its more details On Amazon.

Travel Organiser Bag

If you are looking out for farewell gifts for seniors then you can select a decent wallet or maybe a travel accessories bag for your senior colleague. Once retired, people love visiting different places. The right travel bag can make the experience comfortable. A compact in size bag that comes with a handle and has different sections is the best gift. Check it on Amazon.

8. For the tech-savvy geeks

These days everyone has a laptop. So laptop accessories are also a good farewell gift option for colleagues. Laptop skins, sleeves, cooling pads are the useful gift for your colleagues.

Laptop Sleeves: Check more on Amazon.

Workstation with cooling fans

Your colleague is giving up his full-time job and planning to start as a Freelancer. With the reducing workspace at home; a sleek and stylish looking Laptop Table could be an elegant workstation. Check this workstation on Amazon.

9. After all, it is a gadget world

Pc accessories, headphones, mobiles, mobile accessories, data storage devices are something that a tech-savvy colleague or senior will surely love. The best thing is that you have a wide range in these products which you can buy depending on your budget.

LCD eWriter

Your colleague always encouraged planting trees and wanted everyone to contribute to green living?  Gift him an LCD eWriter; a fun way to go paperless. Encourage his love of nature. Check this LCD eWriter on Amazon.

It is the kindle time:

Kindle is best farewell gift ideas For the tech-savvy book-lover, there is always this option of Kindle books. You can choose from more than one million ebooks from online websites like Amazon. Check it on Amazon.

10. Get them back in shape:

Fitness is one of the major concerns for people who have desk jobs. If your senior is one them then gift them something that will get them back in shape.

Fitness trackers

Help your colleague keep a track of his exercise regime with unique fitness trackers which he or she can easily wear on their wrists. These trackers keep a track of activity as well as heart rate. Check more fitness trackers on Amazon. 

Rubber encased dumbbells

These are always one of the best fitness gift options. You can give it a personalized touch by tagging the dumbbells with a message like “because we care!” Check more on Amazon.

Goodbye is always painful. Even when you have to bid adieu to a senior it can be really difficult. Express your respect and gratitude by using one of good farewell gift ideas. You can select the gift based on the liking of the colleague and of course your budget. These days you can get some of the best gifts from online stores. You can select from some of the best brands in these stores. Check more gift for employees.


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