11 Still Unknown Diwali gifts for friends and family

diwali gifts

And here we are again approaching to the most exciting time of the year, full of excitement, colors and festive vibes all around us making us wait eagerly for their arrival. One of the most exciting festivals of all is Diwali. Diwali is the festival of joy and lights. The whole place is lit with lights, diyas, and happiness.

You meet people, spend time with your beloved and celebrate Diwali with your friends and families. Isn’t this one of the best festival which unites you with all your loved ones? Diwali is exciting because you receive lots of gifts from your friends and family.

Also, you show them your affection by gifting them something good that will make their day. But selecting a gift can be a tricky business. Are you too looking for some exclusive Diwali gifts for family and friends? Why are you worrying? Here are some ideas for Diwali gifts for your rescue:-

Diwali gifts for friends and family

1. Enlighten Your Home

What can be a better gift than fancy lamps to enlighten the whole home with its shimmering lights and add beauty to the home décor? Various other types of candles available in the market. Anyone will love to have these beautiful glittering lamps in their home. This can really be a great gift idea for family and friends at the occasion of Diwali. Check here on Amazon.

2. Devotional Gifts

Diwali is celebrated by worshipping Ganesh and Laxmi welcoming them to your house for prosperity and happiness. You can gift this pretty decorative piece with a beautiful Ganesh idol and clock, this can be a nice gift wishing them all positive vibes and good time ahead. Check this beautiful piece on Amazon.

Glittering metallic Diya with Ganesh idol can be a great gift idea. This beautiful piece will complement the whole Diwali vibe as well as this will create a mesmerizing shadow effect of Ganesh. You can gift this anyone and wish them light, prosperity, and blessings of Ganesha. Check more details on Amazon.

3. Fragrance Everywhere (Scented Candles)

Planning to gift something out of the box yet equally amazing and according to the theme of Diwali? Why don’t you opt for exquisitely scented candles? They will not merely enlighten the home but also fill the whole environment with fresh and scented vibes.                 Check here on Amazon.

4. Hamper full of Nutrition

Dry fruits baskets can also be a nice idea to gift your loved ones on the occasion of Diwali. Dry fruits hampers are an evergreen gift. Wishing them healthy lifestyle with taste and nitration can be a really good way of telling them how much they mean to you.          Check more hampers at Amazon.

5. Best Gadget for your Techno Greek friend

How about gifting some of the latest gadgets which are creating lots of buzz in the market to your tech-savvy, gadgets loving friends? They will not merely love your gift and you for being so thoughtful while selecting gift but every time when they will use the gadget they will remember you. Isn’t is sweet? Check this tracker at Amazon.

6. Home Furnishings

Cozy and comfortable knitted cotton Pouf

Now your friends can replace their bedroom chairs with this cozy and comfortable knitted cotton Pouf. Be it adults or kids it would be loved by all. You can choose bedsheets, cushion etc. other home furnished gifts for your friends and family this Diwali. Check and Buy here from Amazon.

Wood Wall Shelf with Flower Vase  Flowers comes under the best home decor items you can search for more designs and colors.

Check and buy here from Amazon.

7. New live New Happiness

Businessmen and people dealing in the financial field consider Diwali as a new start for the year. So, why don’t you gift them a token of luck? Give them lucky plants as a sign of love and your wishes for their prosperous new year as well as an environment-friendly gift, which will be with them for a long time. Check more good luck plants on Amazon.

8. Diwali Special Gift Hamper

Are you confused over a few gifts and not able to decide what exactly you want to gift? Do you like the idea of the dry fruit basket and scented candles? Want to gift them both? So, here to your rescue, Diwali special gift hampers which are specially customized for your special one. The boxes generally carry dry fruits, chocolates, scented candles and lot more. Just imagine who won’t love to have this box as Diwali present. Check more on Amazon.

9. Wall Decor

Gift beautiful wall hanging of Ganesh to add grace and charm to your house. Anyone who receives these splendid pieces of art will love it to their core. With blessings, wishes, and beauty, these wall hanging will add a fresh look to your home décor.                          Check more wall decor items on Amazon.

10. Metallic rangoli

Rangoli is one of the most beautiful parts of Diwali. Who doesn’t love playing and mixing colors making beautiful designs and decorating the houses to welcome Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi?  Why don’t you consider the beautiful and elegant metallic rangoli? They will add beauty. Check more designs on Amazon.

11. Silver Plated Gift Item

Silver Plated Lord Ganesha

Silver & Gold Plated Dry-fruit Bowl 

What do you think about this beautiful silver plated gift items? Silver is auspicious and is considered to bring positive vibes in the house. You can plenty of designs and options to choose the right gift for your people. This gift can be a significant way of letting them mean how much they mean to you.

So, here are some most exciting and exclusive Diwali gifts ideas for you. Why are you still waiting? Hurry and finalize your gifts for this upcoming Diwali for your friends and family.


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