Impressive Birthday return gifts for kids under 100 rupees

birthday return gifts for kids

Whether it’s the birthday or any other occasion kids loves to receive gifts from their elders. Birthdays are a particular time to enjoy not only for the child but for his friends to have a great time with their groups. The birthday return gifts for kids are one of the curious ones which they keep on assuming before being handed over to them at the party.

Let’s have a look at different birthday return gifts for kids:

1. DIY Paper Cup Art

Kids generally love crafting and pasting. This paper cup art DIY set will work great as a birthday return gifts for kids. Check and buy here from Amazon.     

 2. Colouring book

Children love drawing books and want to color them all day around. At time parents become tired of bringing new ones, but this collection of coloring books will allow your childhood friends to fall in loves with the colors. Check for more details on Amazon.

 3. Personalized Return Gift

What more you can ask than handing over the personalized mug with the picture of every kid you want to give return gift. The cup will be a gift to remember as it has your photos and the memory of your birthday party will be cherished for many months. Check and buy from Amazon. 

4. Personalized Stationery Holder

Kids love cute stationery as they like to decorate their desk with the same. These beautiful stationery gift forms a part of their daily routine to pick up their goodies and save them safely on their study stations. Check and buy from Amazon.

5. LED Night lamps

Kids love to imitate elders, and this table lamp gives them a chance to be older than their age. Gifting this cartoon wallpaper wrapped lamp will attract them at its best and will motivate them to study at odd hours too. Check and buy from Amazon.

6. Animal designs Piggy Bank

Like elders, children to love to save in their piggy banks. Especially when piggy banks are beautiful for the upcoming occasions, they love to protect and keep extra money in their hands. This animal design piggy bank is a perfect gift for the little ones to enjoy their small bank balance. Check more and buy from Amazon.

7. LED light Bracelets

Kids love lights, and sparkling watches are their favorites. They like to wear as many as it fits on their wrists with colors all around. Try bringing many for different sizes and colors to enjoy the sparkling colors with you. Check more details and buy from Amazon.

8. Foldable Sunglasses

Who doesn’t like sunglasses especially if they are so much colorful like the above ones? Bring these cute foldable sunglasses for your kids’ friends and allow them to enjoy the party at their best. Check here and buy from Amazon.

9. Puzzles

Puzzles are kids favorite as they love to entangle in their complexity. These different mind games are an attractive tool for them to play hard and exercise their brain.                   Buy here from Amazon.

10. Stationery Set

This small stationary bag can be carried anywhere they wish to go around and is quite attractive too. This return gift will be perfect for all your princess friends as they all have the right to look like a princess wherever they step in. Check and buy from Amazon.

 11. Modeling Clay Set

Making different structures with mud molds is a quite enjoyable exercise for everyone. Here the molds are also coming to prepare toys from clay so enjoy building them up with your kids to make different beautiful structures to play around. Check and Buy from Amazon.

12. Toothbrush with a lovely toy for kids 

The toothbrush is a daily use item for everybody but usually, children are reluctant to use them but if they have their cartoon attached they will love to use them while brushing their teeth. Bring different cartoon toothbrushes to induce basic hygiene for your kid’s friends. Check and buy from Amazon.

13. Writing and Drawing Board

Kids love drawing boards as they see their teacher drawing on them in school they will like to study through the same at home too. These pretty drawing boards give them a reason to play and learn with lots of fun intact. Check and Buy from Amazon. 

14. Kid’s Projector Watch

Angry birds are one of the best cartoons liked by children. The watches depict bold and attractive colors for them and can be worn in parties matching with their outfit. This can be an ideal return gift for your kids birthday as boys and girls like them equally. Check and buy from Amazon.

15. Water Ring Game

This is a perfect game for small kids as they get attracted to the flashy lights of the video game. The water ring can be bought in different colors and allows the kids to play while with bubbles and water and keep them engaged. Check and Buy from Amazon. 

16. Foldable comb for kids

Girls whether they are small or big they love to dress up and keep themselves in order. This little comb will be an ideal gift for your princess friends to keep their hairs in order without hurting their scalp too. Check and buy from Amazon.

Small gifts for little children can make them happy and also encourages them to enjoy the party at the fullest. The above list of birthday return gifts for kids cover most of the aspects of your children’s favorites and can buy them this year to gift your kid’s besties. Let them bring and save the memories of their childhood parties to be cherished forever.

















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