10 heartfelt birthday gifts for father that will blow his mind

birthday gifts for father

Fathers are adorable for everyone and why not, they are the ones who hold our hands when we needed them most. Father’s birthday is a day of celebration and we should look forward to making him feel special as the most important and graceful person in the world.

He should know to acknowledge his years of accomplishment and the unconditional love he has showered on his family. As we all know that our fathers work day and night so that we can have the bed of roses, so on this day he should know how much we care about him and admire his decisions and his love for the well being of everyone.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing options to be gifted to your father for his upcoming birthday:

  1. For fitness freak dad

If your dad is a fitness freak then you don’t need to worry at all, as we have a long list of gifts that will surely make him happy to go for.

Subscription to meditation App

There is nothing else can bring relaxation to human beings other than meditation. Buy him the subscription of meditation application and he will adore your concern for him. Check here to buy.

Fitness Band

Fitness bands are the lot in trends and as your father loves to stay fit, it can be the best gift for him on his birthday for his wrists. Check and buy here from Amazon.

2. For Music lover dad

Love for music is never any age centric. The below options will be perfect for your dad if he enjoys music to its core.

Bose Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are the new thing today. As the experience is new and the quality of music is excellent. Mobile and other gadgets can be connected to enjoying music while traveling or relaxing at home. Check and buy here from Amazon.


Makes your dad remember of old gramophones, can be connected through Bluetooth and produces amazing music. Check more and buy here from Amazon.


One of the new and amazing invention in the music world. A caravan has a collection of old melodies and songs and will make him his young days. Check and buy here from Amazon.

3. For frequent flier dad

Is your dad loves to travel or goes outstation for business purpose frequently? As our organizers can be a perfect gift for him so that he can travel hassle free and without any issues.

Gadget organizer

While traveling gadgets are always of major concern and needs to be placed safely for no damage and can be used at any point in time. This gadget organizer will serve your purpose. Check more and buy here from Amazon.

Document organizer

This document organizer bag can serve your interest in keeping all documents safe while traveling. Check more and buy here from Amazon.

Back seat Storage bag

Even if he loves road trips this above organizer kit can give him a lot of support and prevent last-minute panic situations. Check and buy here from Amazon. 

4. Smartwatch for smart dad

Smartwatch is desirable by everyone nowadays. Gifting your dad one of the best ones will allow him to be updated as per the recent inventions and he can able to pick calls, reply texts and remain updated from rest of the world through his smartwatch. Check and buy here from Amazon.

5. Gift some Experiences

Materialistic gifts can lose its charm but memories never. Gift your dad experiences to travel and spend time him beloved one which he cherishes all his life.

Taj Experience gift card

Gift your dad the best of the resort Taj experience card which he can use while traveling to any destination. Check and buy here from Amazon.

King for a day

Start from the breakfast of their choice and a day full of surprises, flowers, cards, cakes, decoration, this full day should be named on your dad. Today is the perfect day for sharing Dad’ choice of activities, their hobbies.

Dine together

Nowadays everybody is busy in their own smart gadgets, jobs, responsibilities but on their D day, the whole family should come along and dine together. This one is the best gift in itself.

Any Adventure experience

You could buy him the tickets of any adventure sports like a hot air balloon, zip line or he used to talk about generally.

6. Grooming gifts

Everyone loves to look beautiful and handsome. But as we all know our fathers don’t take care of their skin but if you gift him these grooming products he will have a reason to start taking care of himself today.

Grooming Kit

This grooming kit would best serve your purpose. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Tie and Cufflink set  Check and buy here from Amazon.

Beard care kit 

If your dad is a beard lover, then this kit will prove to be the best gift for him to convey your love and care for him. Check and buy here from Amazon.

7. For technology lover dad

Waterproof Bluetooth earphones

The waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be a perfect gift for your father this season, bring this wireless speaker for him to enjoy his favorite music in solace. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

If your dad used to spend their most of the time in the front or backyard, then the smart sprinkler controller will be definitely loved by your dad. This smart controller would take care when and how should your lawn be watered. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite

Now, he could read all his favorite books anytime anywhere without any glare. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Tile, Item finder

Now, the tile will prove to be a big savior for your dad if he often loses his wallet, keys, bag or anything. This device could be attached to any item such as keys, wallet, bag and you could track it on your phone. Check and buy here from Amazon.

8. Heartfelt Words

Bottle Lamp 

Such a unique gift for dad, this lamp will not only brighten his room but also their heart with such a beautiful message. Check and buy here from Amazon.Keyring

A picture speaks more than words, gift this keyring to your dad so that he can able to idolize the heartfelt words you want to convey to him. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Coffee Mug 

A coffee mug can be special with a message for the receiver. Like daily coffee, your father can remember his importance in your life and feel special for the same. Check and buy here from Amazon.

9. Personalized gifts

Personalized business kit

If you want your father to feel surprised than nothing can be as amazing as personalized gifts like a business kit, engraved with his name on every accessory.   Check and buy here from Amazon.


Personalized wall clock

As time never stops for anyone, gift this amazing clock having your picture with him in the background to let him know that your love for him is forever. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Personalized wooden frame 

Check and buy here from Amazon.

10. Cakes and flowers

If you are confused or want to start the day with a big surprise than flowers and cakes are one of the best options to begin your father’s birthday though.

Super dad special cake

Let your super dad Know that he will always be a superman for you who can do anytime whatever wished by you. Check and buy here from fnp.

Yellow Roses for dad

These cheerful roses would definitely give a good start of the day. Check and buy here from fnp.

Fathers owe an important image in a child’s mind and owing to that he should be treated with the utmost respect and love. Gifts small or big doesn’t make a difference for your father as he just wants love and respect from you. The gifts displayed above is a way by which you can let him know that you care about him, his requirements, desires, future, etc.

Let your DAD know how much you love him and miss him when he is not around. This birthday allow yourself to select the perfect gift for your role model and let him know that you CARE about him.


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