Pleasant gift ideas to surprise your parents on their 25th anniversary

25th anniversary gifts for parents 25th anniversary gifts for parents

Marriage is a sacred bond forever. It takes lots of love, compassion, and efforts to be together in all the ups and downs of life. An anniversary is a special occasion which must be celebrated. But when it is the 25th wedding anniversary and that too of your parents, it is for sure an occasion for grand celebration.

Everyone will want to do something special and unique because it is a milestone. But obviously, you must be confused with the options of the gift as everyone will think of arranging a clichéd celebration but what is that something which is more heartfelt and mind blowing which will leave your parents all surprised. We feel you and thus here are we to help you with some of the best 25th anniversary gift ideas for parents. Here you go.

25th anniversary gift ideas for parents

1. Picture Frames

Then and Now Anniversary Frame

Pictures are not merely the events captured in frames but they are the memories which are meant to be cherished. How about gifting your parents a then and now picture frame? Isn’t it a lovely idea for 25th anniversary gift? They can feel all the emotions and they can remember their beautiful journey together. They will be extremely happy to see how far they have made it together in their lives. Check and buy here from Amazon.   

Mom and Dad Photo Frame

You can also get some of your message engraved on the frame and add a lovely picture of your parents to gift them as their 25th-anniversary present. They will love to know your feelings and love for them. These kind of occasions are the perfect time to let them know how much you love them and what they mean to you. Check and buy here from Amazon.

Funniest and rememberable photo wall stickers

If you want to do something different instead of the clichéd photo frames then you can go for customized wallpapers and frames with some funny moments. Isn’t a nice idea for 25th wedding anniversary gift for parents? Check and buy here from Amazon.

Mosaic Collage Poster

You can also use some of the most memorable moments to recreate that feel in their lives once again. You can choose newly trendy  They will surely feel very lucky and happy about it. Check and buy here from Amazon.

2. Personalized gifts

Be it any occasion or celebration adding a personal touch to gifts create an all new and different impact. The personal gifts are always most special and your parents will find your efforts very loving. You can go for personalized gifts with some touch of creativity and this combination will result in a brilliant gift.

Personalized Bedsheet

How about a personalized bedsheet with their beautiful moments together. Great Idea!! Check and buy here from Amazon.

Customised LED Night Lamp

This beautiful lamp will add four stars to their bedroom as well the party hall. Check and buy here from Amazon.


Though they are not so bold, they will definitely love this beautiful caricature of them. Check and buy here from Amazon.

3. Couple Gifts

Bath Towel

You can also go for the special couple gifts which can be actually a special gesture for your parents. Generally, these couple gifts and customized items like towels, bedsheet, and nameplates are the current trends and they are quite new for your parents.  This is certainly a great 25th wedding anniversary idea for parents, isn’t?  Check and buy here from Amazon.

Fitness band for mom and dad

Nowadays, everyone is tech-savvy, even you can see the craze for technology in your parents and how it is becoming an important part of their lives. Also, at the same time, you must be worried about the health of your parents due to the age factor but in this hectic world, it is not easy to always be there tracing your parent’s health. Thus, Fitbit is the best 25th-anniversary gift which will be very helpful for you and your parents and it will also keep them all healthy. Check and buy here from Amazon.


Couple photoshoot

Making memories is always very much appreciated. Couple photoshoot can be a very exciting and new experience for your parents.  Why not give them some wonderful memory making time with all new professional photoshoot. Let them have their own filmy time with all makeup, dressing and some beautiful locations. It will be surely one of the most out of the box gifts on their anniversary.

Personalized Passport Cover

There is quite a range available in the couple section. You can gift those customized gifts with their names on the gifts. You can gift them these couple gifts which can be very useful at the same time a very sweet gesture from your end to tell them how much you adore them together. Check and buy here from Amazon.

4. Arrange a relaxation time for them

Spa voucher

Our parents have been always busy with their lives, duties and giving us a better future. Now, isn’t our time to take their care and make them happy. In all the mess of life and duties arrange them some of their quality time. Gift them a couple spa vouchers where they can enjoy and relax together. Check and buy here from Amazon.

A weekend tour voucher

Gift your parents a trip to their favorite destination or even you might consider a romantic one. Give them some quality time away from everyone and just with each other. What can be better than they can enjoy each other company on their special day? This can be their second honeymoon to celebrate their silver jubilee and 25 years of togetherness. Check and buy here from Amazon. 

5. DIY gifts (No cost yet priceless)

No matter what but handmade gifts with personal efforts are always very special for anyone. Why don’t you try something out of these for your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary?

Make an anniversary video –Are you planning to surprise your parents? Surprise them with your anniversary video for them. Collect all the beautiful moments and express your heart and love for your parents. This will surely steal their heart and nothing more will matter.

Sing a song for them –Sing your heart out for them and they will go gaga over it. Express yourself and your love there will be no better moment for doing this. Sing, dance and make their day special and memorable.

Video of their relatives and friends wishing them their silver anniversary – So, make a special video with all your close relatives and friends wishing your parents and let them leave a special message for them. It will surely lit up the faces of your parents with joy and happiness.

Lighten up the room of mom and dad with all sweet memories – Running out of idea about how to surprise your parents on their special day? Well, here comes one very interesting idea. Why don’t you decorate their room with all the special moments with flowers, pictures and special messages from your relatives? Keep their day full of surprises. This will surely leave them all astonished and surprised. Check and buy here these battery-operated LED string lights and more decoration materials.

Signature Photograph Frame- Signature Photograph Frame is a wonderful and beautiful way of wishing them and create a memory for a long run. Check and buy here from Amazon.

A beautiful Centerpiece in no time or you can make a beautiful centerpiece with just a transparent vase and beautiful picture of your mom and dad.

Digit Collage or you could make a digit collage.

6. Cakes and flowers

Cake cutting is a very important part of anniversary party so why don’t you experiment your creative ideas with the cake? Get the best-customized cake with the miniature of your parents or some other creative thing like 3D cake, a picture of your parents on the cake and so on… It will be surely interesting and center of attention at the party. Check here at

7. Silver gifts for silver anniversary 

Times to exchange the ring again

Jewelry is always a gift that lasts forever. Gift them a token of their love and togetherness with the platinum couple band. It will be really the best gift idea and mainly 25th anniversary gift ideas for parents. every time your parents will see it on their fingers they will remember you. Check and buy here from Amazon. 

25th anniversary Plate

Gift your parents a memento of their love, bond and togetherness and for making it through 25 years.  It is not so easy journey they have covered together. Check and buy here from Amazon.

So, these are some of the best, unique and out of the box ideas for gifts on the occasion of parents 25th wedding anniversary. Hope these 25th anniversary gift ideas for parents will work great for you. if you have any other idea please share your ideas and experiences with us.


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